Welcome to Bungie Helicopters… your adventures start here…

Whether that involves some hard work slinging towers in mountainous terrain or you’re in the market for some fast action in the best fishing spots Cape York has to offer…we do it all!

Bungie Helicopters offers scenic flights, helifishing, air transfers and a broad range of commercial air services from film and television to incendiary dropping across Cape York and North Queensland. We also specialise in booking helicopter fishing trips across North Queensland.

As an environmentally aware business, we are proud to own Robinson R44 Clipper II aircraft. The Robinson R44 has a significantly lower fuel consumption and noise footprint than turbine helicopters, making it more practical and efficient for operating in environmentally sensitive world heritage areas and urban locations. Using helicopters in remote areas is not only more efficient, it also reduces the damage to environmentally sensitive and inaccessible areas that vehicle access causes.

The R44 is designed for passenger comfort and viewing pleasure and can cruise at speeds of up to 200 km/h so an amazing amount of spectacular scenery can be seen in a short amount of time.

Availability and pricing depends on customer requirements and destination, so please phone us or get in contact us through this site to discuss your needs.
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